Italia Conti Academy’s BA (Hons) Acting Programme and CertHE Introduction to Acting Programme operate under a strict code of practice to ensure its audition procedure is fair, rigorous and transparent.


This does not mean that everyone will get in - or get an audition. It means that if you don’t, there will be clear reasons why you didn’t and you are able to ask us why.




All candidates for Acting courses will be offered an audition, provided they meet the following criteria:

  - ‘BA (Hons) Acting’ and CertHE ‘Introduction to Acting’ candidates must complete a UCAS application, indicating the specific course   and following all procedures that go with that.

  - All candidates must complete the additional Italia Conti Registration form including a written statement, a photograph, and      

  payment of the required non-refundable audition fee.

  - The candidate must meet the age requirements of their course at the start of their first year of study.

  - Applications must be received by the deadline; usually the end of March for a complete application (UCAS and the Italia Conti

  Registration form). 


  • Candidates are invited to disclose any access or learning requirements on their application form, so that any reasonable adjustments within the audition or interview process can be made.

  • In order to ensure that Italia Conti can offer as much support as possible, candidates are invited to disclose any long term, ongoing or significant past health issues on their application form so that these can be discussed.

  • Italia Conti does not discriminate on grounds of age, background, race, colour, disability, family circumstances, gender, nationality, political beliefs or party membership, religion, sexual orientation, trade union membership or on any other grounds deemed to be irrelevant to participation in the course.  

  • Italia Conti is committed to providing access to our courses to as wide a range of social groups as possible. 

  • All applicants to either the BA or the CertHE are automatically considered at the audition for both courses.




Before The Audition:

  •  Italia Conti will contact all applicants upon receipt of the completed Registration form (the second form NOT just the UCAS application) and associated data with an automatically generated email reply acknowledging receipt of the application.

       - The link to the above form is supplied by UEL after the UCAS application has been completed.

  • Details of audition requirements and this code of practice are accessible for reference via the Italia Conti Website at any stage of the process.

  • All candidates should be aware that, owing to the high number of applicants, it may take up to three months for a audition date to be assigned (and on occasion longer).

  • Italia Conti will not contact applicants until an audition date has been assigned. Students are welcome to contact the Academy at any point with reference to the audition process.

  • When an audition date has been assigned candidates are sent an email inviting them to attend for audition. The email will include: 

       - audition date and time

       - audition requirements (what candidates will be asked to prepare)

       - details of the audition day

       - directions to the school


Audition requirements: 

Acting candidates must prepare two short monologues, maximum two minutes each. The monologues must be: 

  - 1 classical (from the supplied list)

  - 1 other from a modern play


  • Candidates are strongly advised to explore material close to their own “casting” that allows them to demonstrate a simple and truthful connection to the character in the text.

  • They are also strongly advised to be thoroughly familiar with the text from which the monologue is drawn.

  • According to candidates success through the stages of audition, over the course of the day they will engage with warm-ups, improvisation sessions, movement, voice and singing workshops and interviews. These sessions do not require specific preparation.

  • Audition dates are generally filled up on a ‘first come first served’ basis on receipt of completed application, so candidates may receive the letter notifying them of their audition date several months in advance. However, we do our best to accommodate students’ wishes if they need to change their audition date, for example if they have exams, or are booked to audition at another school and so Italia Conti reserves the right to fill some audition slots out of sequence.

  • We will endeavour to give a month’s notice for audition dates, however if an applicant requests a change of date this may not always be possible. Candidates may request a change of date no more than three times within one audition cycle.


Matriculation Requirements:

While audition is the primary means of determining the applicant’s suitability for entry, the Academy normally requires the following additional formal qualifications for entry to the BA or CertHE programmes:

  - UCAS tariff of 64 points

  - GCSE passes in five subjects including Maths and English Language. We will also accept a pass in the Key Skills Qualification at

  level 2 in place of GCSE English and Mathematics.

  - Where English is a second language. In the case of applicants whose first language is not English, then IELTS 6.0 (with no skill level

  below 5.0), or equivalent, is required.


Experience and prior learning accreditation:

Italia Conti, in common with other drama schools, considers applications from those who have followed unconventional academic pathways, those who have changed careers later in life and those who have little experience in acting or even of the humanities but who show great potential. The value added dimension of a vocational education for the latter group should not be underestimated.  The implications of these factors are that:

  - There is no alternative to audition as a means of admitting students to the course.

  - The cultural and academic diversity of entrant groups of acting students is likely to be greater than is common in many other

  areas of arts education and training.

  - Italia Conti may ask for sample written work from prospective candidates to support an application with this profile through the

  matriculation requirements of the validating university and the programme 

  - When the Academy is satisfied that an applicant from an unconventional academic background without formal qualifications

  nevertheless fulfils the audition criteria (see below)it may accredit previous learning.




Audition Criteria:

The aim of the audition is to provide the applicant with the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of his/her work and his/her potential to benefit from the course. Auditions are conducted by panels of teaching staff who look for reasonable evidence that the applicant:

  - is able to portray truthfully a fictional character in a human and dramatic situation

  - is able to apply his/her intelligence and instinct  to the understanding of text and the communication of meaning

  - is capable of work that uses the self creatively and spontaneous impulse to negotiate moments of truth

  - is able to work effectively with others

  - is flexible, industrious and receptive to suggestions and direction

  - possesses the vocal and physical potential to develop as an actor

  - possesses the determination, motivation and stamina to participate in, develop through and complete the course


These criteria may not necessarily be required to all be present to a high degree, but the panel must be convinced that the candidate has the potential to develop in all areas, and that any areas of weakness do not present major barriers to the overall training process.


Selection Process:

Audition Day Procedure - Acting

  • Applicants are invited to attend as part of a group of approximately 35 candidates. Applicants are asked to prepare one contemporary speech and one classical speech (from a specified list), which they must commit to memory. The audition day begins between 8.30 and 9 am, and throughout the day candidates are retained or released on the basis of performance through the various stages of assessment.

  • These stages are: warm-up, Group improvisation, Panel 1(speeches), skills workshops (Movement, Singing and Voice), Panel 2 (speeches and interview). Any student may be released or retained on the basis of their performance at the following stages: after the first round of speeches or at the end of all three skills workshops. No student taken to the speeches review and interview stage is guaranteed a place.

  • This sequence allows candidates to demonstrate their capacity to  engage with character and text in a variety of contexts, and to embrace a variety of methods of working. 

  • Outcomes from this audition process are: BA Offer (conditional), BA Offer (without condition), BA Waiting List, CertHE Offer (conditional), CertHE Offer (without condition), CertHE Waiting List, Recall, Unsuccessful (Rejection).

  • Applicants should be aware that offers of all types are subject to the terms and conditions of the Academy and PSRBs (Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body) acceptance deadlines.

  • Students who wish to defer their place, may do so on occasion only at the discretion of the relevant Programme Director and/or the Director of Acting Programmes (Head of Acting School).

  • It is Italia Conti policy that all auditions are conducted by tutors who teach core subjects on the programme.  Audition panels are usually made up of relevant Programme Directors, Heads of Year, senior tutors and the Director of Acting Programmes (Head of Acting School). No tutor assesses for audition without a substantial HoD briefing and being made aware of the specific criteria and processes that operate within this process.

  • Current student helpers are usually on hand to answer any questions, and candidates are encouraged to ask as many questions as they can, in order to find out whether this is the right course, and the right school, for them. Where they are on panels, they provide an additional perspective, but are not fundamental to selection decisions.

  • Audition candidates are welcomed to the school by a staff member or student who will explain the process of the day. 

  • All candidates are welcome to request feedback with reference to their performance, and the assessment of all sessions within the day are noted to facilitate this. 

  • Feedback must be requested via email, and will only be issued when a final decision about the application has been made. Candidates should be aware that this may not be until the end of the audition cycle. All feedback is at the discretion of the Academy.


In certain circumstances a DVD submission will be considered as a preliminary first round audition. All candidates should be aware that this format cannot replace attendance in person at a recall audition. All applicants who wish to submit a DVD need to arrange this with the Programmes Administrator immediately upon completing their application.




These fees act as both an administration fee for processing the application as well as a non-refundable deposit for a place on an audition day. Without payment, applicants will not receive an audition date/invitation. Should an applicant need to rearrange an audition date, the Academy, where possible and dates/availability allow, operate a discretionary policy of no more than three date changes – after which a further administration fee may need to be charged.


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