All applications to the BA (Hons) Acting and CertHE Introduction to Acting must be made via UCAS only using the links below. Please note that our listing on UCAS is shown as University of East London.

Once UCAS begin processing your application, you will receive an email from the university with a link to complete your application and audition fee payment (£45) - without this, you will not receive an audition invitation. Please check your junk/spam boxes or contact the academy if you have not received a link to this application.

Due to the high number of applicants we receive, it may take some time to schedule your audition date after submitting your form. Once you receive an audition date, kindly reply accepting/declining the date.

For the Audition, alongside the workshops you may be asked to take part in, you will be required to have prepared and be ready to present one contemporary speech of your choosing and one Shakespeare speech from a list that we provide


Please see below for Audition Information, including how the audition works, a list of Italia Conti's set Shakespeare monologues, and advice.

All BA (Hons) Acting and CertHE Intro to Acting applicants are automatically considered for both programnmes, please do not apply for both of these separately - you will only receive one audition.

The academy reserves the right to alter or withdraw offers at any point. Places on both programmes are limited; it is usual for drama schools to make more offers than there are places. Acceptances are dealt with on a first come first serve basis and so early acceptance is advised.


Institution Code: E28    

BA (Hons) Course Code: W410
CertHE Course Code:  W411




Auditionees should wear loose comfortable clothing and avoid jewellery or makeup. They are also advised to bring a small bottle of drinking water, to eat breakfast before setting out, and to bring a light packed lunch or money to buy lunch at a local shop, since the day can be very tiring.

The audition day begins at 9am. Auditionees come to the Avondale Building on Landor Road, Clapham, London, SW9 9PH and report to Reception. See Contact page for map and travel information.


At 9.30am auditionees begin a half-hour warm-up, which will lead into an improvisation workshop led by one of our tutors until 11am. Auditonees will then have their individual auditions with a panel made up of two or three acting tutors from Italia Conti. Auditionees will be asked to present both prepared audition pieces (neither must be longer than one and a half minutes).

1 Classical Monologue (from our Shakespeare Audition Pieces list below)
1 Contemporary Monologue (Post 1950)


At the end of the morning, when all auditionees have been seen, the panel decides which individuals they wish to recall for the afternoon session. Those not asked to remain are then free to go (results are normally announced at approximately 1pm).


The afternoon session consists of three workshops - movement, singing* and voice. (*You do not have to prepare a song for this). The final selection is then made and those chosen will have an interview with our Course Director, Course Co-ordinator and other members of the teaching staff, at which auditionees may be asked to sight-read and to present either one or both pieces. These may be redirected. The interview may cover a range of topics, including the auditionee’s experience, aspirations and opinions. Auditionees also have the opportunity to ask relevant questions.


Generally no decisions are made on the day. Auditionees can expect to hear the outcome of their audition by email within two weeks of the audition date. 


R (Rejection);
C (Conditional offer);
U (Unconditional offer);
O (Offer to another course)

Recall (applicants offered a recall will be invited to a session normally held in May or June).
Unsuccessful auditionees are entitled to feedback should they require it, and should contact the Academy by email to

Successful auditionees are reminded that they are not permitted to accept offers at more than one Drama School within the CDS.



1. Please choose one Shakespearean piece, from the attached list below and one piece from a modern play (we define this as 1870 - present day), of your choice.
2. Please keep your audition pieces to one and a half minutes or under.
3. Make sure that your pieces are within your playing range in terms of gender, age and physical type.
4. Do not attempt accents other than your own unless you are very confident about your ability.
5. Learn your pieces very thoroughly.
6. Avoid self-written pieces.
7. If possible find at least one piece with which you have a particular relationship or connection: e.g. a piece by a Scottish writer if you are from Scotland.
8. Familiarise yourself with the plays your pieces are taken from.
9. Wear loose comfortable clothing, for ease of movement.
10. Try not to spend ages getting into character. It’s best to take a couple of breaths and start when you are on thought.
11. Be prepared to be redirected and if you don’t understand the redirection, please say so!
12. And finally, we don’t mind if you speak directly to the panel – we’d rather you spoke to us than to an empty chair!


You must choose one of the pieces below for your audition with us.


King Lear – Act 1 Scene 2 – Edmund
“Thou, nature art my goddess………”


King Lear – Act 2 Scene 3 – Edgar
“I heard myself proclaim’d………”


Macbeth – Act 3 Scene 1 – Macbeth
“To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus……Who’s there!”


Two Gentleman of Verona – Act 2 Scene 3 – Launce
“Nay, ‘twill be this hour…..” [Prose]


Othello – Act 1 Scene 3 – Iago
“Thus do I ever make my fool……”


Othello – Act 3 Scene 3 – Othello
“This fellow’s of exceeding honesty,…….”


King John – Act 4 Scene 1 – Arthur
“Have you the heart? When your head did ache………”


Henry IV Part 1 – Act 1 Scene 2 – Prince Hal
“I know you all, and will awhile uphold……”


Othello – Act 4 Scene 3 – Emilia
“But I do think it is their husbands’ faults…..”


Twelfth Night – Act 2 Scene 2 – Viola
“I left no ring with her……..”


Henry VI – Act 1 Scene 4 – Queen Margaret
“Brave warriors…….. may sing and dance”


The Winter’s Tale – Act 3 Scene 2 – Hermione
“Sir, spare your threats……..”


Romeo & Juliet – Act 2 Scene 5 – Juliet
“The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse……...”


Merchant of Venice – Act 3 Scene 2 – Portia
“You see me, Lord Bassanio, where I stand…….”


King Lear – Act 1 Scene 3 – Goneril
“By day and night he wrongs me………Prepare for dinner”


Julius Ceasar – Act 2 Scene 1 – Portia
“Is Brutus sick………”


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